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Homemade Granola

HOMEMADE GRANOLA Plow through your favorite bulk-food section to find the following ingredients…and have fun gradually adapting the ingredients and proportions to suit your own taste. Ingredients: 6 cups old-fashioned, rolled oats (not quick oats) 1 cups raw, shelled, sunflower seeds 1 cup flaked coconut 1 cup sliced almonds ½ cup wheat germ or wheat […]

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Practical Skills Matter

When teaching your children (or deciding what you could spend your time learning), you may wish to consider the following words of wisdom: “Do not immerse yourself so much in the technical [i.e. academic education] that you fail to learn things that are practical. Everything you can learn that is practical—in the house, in the […]

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Three Steps for a Productive Day

Most days I do fairly well at being productive.  I mean, I make the lists like most of you do, right?  And I cross things off as I go along as a way of measuring if I’m making progress or not.  I even write down tasks I’ve accomplished that weren’t on the list and then […]

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How Can Slow Take Me Fast and Far?

When creating/organizing anything–a space, a room, your life–It’s a mistake to leap to action too soon. More time should be spent identifying the real desire. Be calm. Be still and then ask yourself: “Why even begin this endeavor in the first place? What is my primary motivation?” When you say: “I want to do this […]

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White (or Not-So-White) Washcloths and Bleach

“Alright, Ms Susie Homemaker,” my mother announced near the end of our latest phone conversation, “I have a question about cleaning white washcloths.  It seems no matter what I do, mine always look like I just mopped the floor with them.  They never get white.”  She’d even tried one of the well-known powder oxygen bleaches […]

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Energy Tip #2: Schedules & Rapid Routines

To save time and energy, think plan…think schedule…think routine. Thinking takes time.  Deciding takes time.  When you make the decisions necessary to produce a schedule, you plan once and then never have to decide again.  Why keep reinventing the wheel? Once you establish a routine, don’t think—just do. Your schedule (your pre-planned list of what […]

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Energy Tip #1: Get Rid of Those “J.D.I.s”

If unfinished business is an energy leak, what’s finished business? The other day my husband and I were discussing the difference between “operations” (ordinary, repetitive work that is part of your daily routine) and “projects” (work that is unique, not part of your normal day and that only lasts for a short time). He began […]

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Did You Know?…$$$

Did you know that there is a lot of fantastic information and education on managing a home located here and there on various government websites? One such site is Described as “Nonprofit, noncommercial and unbiased,” Smart About Money (or “SAM”) has all kinds of “practical articles, worksheets, tips and valuable resources [such as calculators, […]

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“Don’t Get Organized” or “Why does Beauty Matter?”

A Lovely Little Painting Not too long ago, my husband gave me a lovely little plaque created by artist Kelly Rae Roberts. It’s something I can put on my dresser and look at every day and even though the style or colors aren’t my normal “thing,” the words are and Mitch knew it, which is exactly why the […]

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How to “Break or Make” Your Family

 To “break or make” –To make of something a failure or a success Your ability to manage your resources (financial, physical, or otherwise) can “break or make” your family. You can live unconsciously or impulsively and waste time, talents, energy, and money or you can see the opportunity to make a difference and learn to […]

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