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A Better Work Environment

The appearance and condition of our physical environments (at home or on the job) can affect how we think and feel during our workday. Cluttered, chaotic and unappealing surroundings contribute to scattered, negative thoughts. We feel overwhelmed and weary before the day even begins. In contrast, we are enlivened for the day when we can […]

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The Two Week – Three Month Pantry

Well, we did it! The Two Week-Three Month Pantry ebook is finally finished and ready for purchase! Click on the link below to discover how this great system—with easy recipes, inventories and shopping lists included–can help busy people or beginning cooks: Do the grocery shopping faster, Gradually build up a reserve supply of real food […]

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Home Storage Centers

In your efforts to be more self-reliant and better prepared for some of life’s emergencies, many of you may not be aware of the following resource… The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates Home Storage Centers in various locations across the United States and Canada for the purpose of helping “…Church members and […]

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Three Steps for a Productive Day

Most days I do fairly well at being productive.  I mean, I make the lists like most of you do, right?  And I cross things off as I go along as a way of measuring if I’m making progress or not.  I even write down tasks I’ve accomplished that weren’t on the list and then […]

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Energy Tip #1: Get Rid of Those “J.D.I.s”

If unfinished business is an energy leak, what’s finished business? The other day my husband and I were discussing the difference between “operations” (ordinary, repetitive work that is part of your daily routine) and “projects” (work that is unique, not part of your normal day and that only lasts for a short time). He began […]

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Three Rules for “Rebalancing” After Having a Baby

Question: “Any thoughts on rebalancing with a newborn?” Answer: “After having four children, yes.  Consider the following three ‘rules’…” The First “rule” to give yourself so you can find your “balance” again is to not panic or fuss about the housekeeping for the first three months after having a baby.  Go slow.   Recover.  You’ll be […]

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Our Real Business is People

“The goal of a leader or a manager is to help the person expand and grow.” –Mitch Pogue   Homemaking can be a tough job. There’s so much to do each day. There’s laundry and cooking and cleaning and managing the finances. There’s juggling schedules and chauffeuring family members to school or appointments. There’s dealing with messesyou may have […]

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Are You Letting Your Mail Pile Up?

Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions quickly and when we have so many other things to hurry up and get done, taking longer than 2 seconds to figure out what to do with the mail we just pulled out of the mailbox and carried into the house is one second too long.  So where does […]

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Why Can’t I Just Let Go?

Hi, Beverly, “I have [a] problem in finding a place to take the things I’ve finally decided to let go of. It feels like they are little pets that I have to find a good home for, rather than just dumping them off at the Goodwill. And for some items, I think they might be worth some […]

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The Role of Hope in the Organizing Process

The Distress of Being Overwhelmed It can be a daunting feeling to look around a room or a space filled with clutter (paper or otherwise) and to feel totally overwhelmed with the task of having to make order out of what seems like a mountain of chaos.  We know we should “get organized.”  We feel […]

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