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Home Storage Centers

In your efforts to be more self-reliant and better prepared for some of life’s emergencies, many of you may not be aware of the following resource… The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates Home Storage Centers in various locations across the United States and Canada for the purpose of helping “…Church members and […]

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Did You Know?…$$$

Did you know that there is a lot of fantastic information and education on managing a home located here and there on various government websites? One such site is Described as “Nonprofit, noncommercial and unbiased,” Smart About Money (or “SAM”) has all kinds of “practical articles, worksheets, tips and valuable resources [such as calculators, […]

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How to “Break or Make” Your Family

 To “break or make” –To make of something a failure or a success Your ability to manage your resources (financial, physical, or otherwise) can “break or make” your family. You can live unconsciously or impulsively and waste time, talents, energy, and money or you can see the opportunity to make a difference and learn to […]

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Our Real Business is People

“The goal of a leader or a manager is to help the person expand and grow.” –Mitch Pogue   Homemaking can be a tough job. There’s so much to do each day. There’s laundry and cooking and cleaning and managing the finances. There’s juggling schedules and chauffeuring family members to school or appointments. There’s dealing with messesyou may have […]

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Are You Letting Your Mail Pile Up?

Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions quickly and when we have so many other things to hurry up and get done, taking longer than 2 seconds to figure out what to do with the mail we just pulled out of the mailbox and carried into the house is one second too long.  So where does […]

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A Good, Frugal Resource: “The Complete Tightwad Gazette”

I still remember my first introduction to Amy Dacyczyn’s* “The Tightwad Gazette.” It was waaay back in the early 90’s before there was a computer in every home…back when we scrounged home management and home improvement ideas from the newspapers or magazines or from chats with each other face-to-face or via the phone (certainly not […]

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