In the Kitchen: Substitutions for Wine or Liquor in Cooking

One of the nifty tools that clever homemakers acquire over the years is a collection of substitutions for ingredients to use when preparing meals.

Wine and liquor substitutions

Whether you lack a part of a recipe by chance (because you forgot to purchase the needed ingredient) or by choice (because you don’t use or can’t afford the called-for item), it’s always fun to realize you know exactly what to do to adapt and solve the problem.

Since most of us have at least one cookbook on the shelf with a decent list of substitutions for common ingredients (e.g., for butter, milk, eggs, baking chocolate, etc.), but not all of us have a list for the less-common items such as (in this case) wine or liquor, I’ve attached my list of “Substitutions for Wine or Liquor in Cooking” for you to add to your collection. Be sure to send us some of your favorite substitutions for ingredients in the kitchen and we’ll pass them along to everyone else.

Substitutions for WIne or Liquor in Cooking

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