Three Rules for “Rebalancing” After Having a Baby

babyQuestion:Any thoughts on rebalancing with a newborn?”

Answer: “After having four children, yes.  Consider the following three ‘rules’…”

The First “rule” to give yourself so you can find your “balance” again is to not panic or fuss about the housekeeping for the first three months after having a baby.  Go slow.   Recover.  You’ll be doing well just to survive. You have to work into adjusting and figuring out how your day is going to be structured (and actually function) with a new addition to the family.

The Second “rule” is to make sure you look your best each day…At first you make sure you look good in pajamas (to remind you and everyone else that you physically can’t do a lot because you’re healing).  Then make sure you look good in sweats…Then work into normal clothes, etc.  But make sure you look like a professional so you don’t feel and get treated like a doormat…even if it takes you until late afternoon to work your way into looking good.

The Third “rule” is to sleep when the baby (or all the kids) takes a nap instead of trying to catch up on the housework.  Sleep first.  Housework second.  It’s the only way to survive physically, emotionally, and mentally in the first three months…

The key here is to be wise.  Of course some housework needs to be done (a little here and a little there) if you’re going to function in your home or feel good emotionally.  But you can’t do too much or you’ll wear yourself out physically and won’t have enough energy to get through to the end of the day.

Seek to achieve the philosopher’s “Golden Mean.” Seek to calmly find “the desirable middle between two extremes.”  Be neither too unrealistic in what you think you should be doing, nor too lazy that you fail to do what can be done with the strength you do have.  Go at it patiently and persistently and you’ll find your balance again.

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